Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'd still be here, year after year, because you're dear to me!

End of week five already!? I can't believe how quickly the last weeks have flown! Especially considering how badly the time seemed to drag while I was waiting for AM to start. This week we did a robot-arm assignment. We got this nifty little arm rig and had to make it pick up and move again. Like everything else in Maya it's more complicated than it should be. But! I now know how to constrain an object, so yay. I also know not to let the constraint be anything other than 1 or 0! Seriously, the can goes nuts. It would be funny if it weren't so irksome.

So, my sister's birthday is next week, she's going to be 14. Which, in my mind, is officially into the 'trouble making years'. I remember what I was like at that age! Not that I'm really worried about her getting up to mischief, honestly she's too smart for her own good sometimes. The reason I even bring it up is because her Birthday means I'm spending my next week with my family in Disneyland! I'm not sure I understand how but my mum got us sneak-speak of the new Toy Story ride, which should be fun. I'm a little worried about making final classes/getting things done.

It's going to be awesome though, so whatever.

♥ Bises!!