Friday, May 9, 2014


Helllo Everyone.

Well, it's been a long semester and I haven't been able to put in nearly as many hours a week as I'd like to, but here's what I'm turning in.

It could still use a couple more polish passes, especially on the arms, but overall I'm content with how it's come out.

Hope you're all having a great week!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Starting the lipsynch

Nothing much to show this week. Got frustrated with animating so I decided to work on lip synch. Going pretty well. Final soon!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The next second

taking things a second at a time, should probably pick up the pace soon :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Splining the Run

This week I've just focused on the first 45 seconds, trying to get the run working right. It's proving difficult

"Trustafarian" update

As some of you know, I've been working on a student film/senior project called "Trustafarian". It's really coming along and I'm pretty proud of how much I've learned about camera animation in the last year of working on this (it's way harder than I first would have guessed). So I wanted to show off a few of the shots I've been working on.

The turn-around time has been really fast for animation. Unfortunately we only meet 3 hours a week so that really limits the amount we can get done. A lot of this will be hidden once we get the cloth on the tent working. (honestly know basically nothing about that sort of stuff.

Overall I'm glad for the opportunity to work in such a tight schedule. It's helped teach me how to let go of things, even when I think I could spend another 10 hours polishing something.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sing me a song

Blocking is finally finally finally final

Move into splining next week

Friday, March 7, 2014

How do you do? With every one repeatin' Pretty good sure as you're born.

Still sick, went to the doctor who say that I just have a virus that's been going around. It's stinks. so here's my very minimal progress for the week

Friday, February 28, 2014

Dropbox woes

Aside from getting sick this week (noooooooo) I have also stumbled upon a feature in dropbox where it doesn't save like, any of my work. So I've made the switch to google drive for saving my files remotely and hopefully it will make a difference. I have lost something like 6 hours of work in the last week, so I have very little new blocking to show.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blocking blocky block blocking

Started blocking this week, and I got pretty far! Rigging and the short film I'm working on have ended up eating a lot of my time, but I'm content with where I am.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I found the set of search terms to use! The answer is "Six-year-old (or whatever age you're looking for) meets". No quotes. So I found my reference! It took three weeks but I've started, so yay!

Here's my new little-girl reference:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Finding Refrence

And the work continues! This week I stagnated a bit, the reference I shot of my self didn't really feel like a little girl (which makes it a bit of a wasted reference injury). So, I set to the internet trying to find and excited little girl. The best I was able to come up with was this one:

Which I started blocking based on and it just felt flat. I have yet to figure out the right set of search terms to get what I'm looking for. Turns out most excited little kids on youtube are sitting. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Si je t'exile te catapulte Vers d'autres galaxies

The shot I'm currently working on. 

For my portfolio class this semester I've decided to start working on a new two person dialogue shot. I set out to find a sound clip that was appealing and featured a kid (as I have never ever animated a child before)

I ended up settling on the following clip from Bridge to Terabithia:

I then spent some time thinking about the back-story for my characters (Which is where the wonderful Rex Grignon and Todd Waring taught me to always start a shot). The little girl, Jenny, is an extremely hyperactive child who no one can keep up with. She has worn out several babysitters with her large imagination and boundless energy. Her new babysitter is Sara. Sara is extremely disinterested in baby sitting and begins the shot texting a boy she is very interested in. As Jenny's explanation gets more big and bizarre Sara is slowly drawn away from texting and ends the shot fully paying attention to Jenny. 

I shot some reference, but as it is with any reference worth using it is far too embarrassing to share.

See you all next week! <3 p="">

(Title is a line from the song "Ex" by french artist Camille)   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello world

I have been away from this blog for quite awhile, and a lot has and has not changed since I was last here. I graduated Animation Mentor in 2010!

I'm returning to my blog to chronicle my final semester at CSU Chico. After graduating AM I decided to return to school to finish my BA in English Literature as well as to continue my education in Animation. I'm thrilled to say I will be graduating at the end of this semester with botha BA in English Literature and a BS in Applied Computer Graphics (which is basically the Chico academic name for animation and video game design).

I will be linking to my current demo reel at the end of this week, and hope to keep everyone updated as I progress through new animations during the upcoming semester.