Friday, January 31, 2014

Si je t'exile te catapulte Vers d'autres galaxies

The shot I'm currently working on. 

For my portfolio class this semester I've decided to start working on a new two person dialogue shot. I set out to find a sound clip that was appealing and featured a kid (as I have never ever animated a child before)

I ended up settling on the following clip from Bridge to Terabithia:

I then spent some time thinking about the back-story for my characters (Which is where the wonderful Rex Grignon and Todd Waring taught me to always start a shot). The little girl, Jenny, is an extremely hyperactive child who no one can keep up with. She has worn out several babysitters with her large imagination and boundless energy. Her new babysitter is Sara. Sara is extremely disinterested in baby sitting and begins the shot texting a boy she is very interested in. As Jenny's explanation gets more big and bizarre Sara is slowly drawn away from texting and ends the shot fully paying attention to Jenny. 

I shot some reference, but as it is with any reference worth using it is far too embarrassing to share.

See you all next week! <3 p="">

(Title is a line from the song "Ex" by french artist Camille)   

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hello world

I have been away from this blog for quite awhile, and a lot has and has not changed since I was last here. I graduated Animation Mentor in 2010!

I'm returning to my blog to chronicle my final semester at CSU Chico. After graduating AM I decided to return to school to finish my BA in English Literature as well as to continue my education in Animation. I'm thrilled to say I will be graduating at the end of this semester with botha BA in English Literature and a BS in Applied Computer Graphics (which is basically the Chico academic name for animation and video game design).

I will be linking to my current demo reel at the end of this week, and hope to keep everyone updated as I progress through new animations during the upcoming semester.