Monday, September 8, 2008

If life seems jolly rotten, there is something you've forgotten, and that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.

Err, yes, I am clearly awesome at blogging... clearly. *sighs* I have no idea how long it's been since I updated. Oh well, I'm doing it now! Week eleven of class one already, AH! I can hardly believe it. We're on our last assignment for class one already, I can't believe how quickly this time has flown by.

So, in the time since I last updated I spent a week in Minnesota visiting my extended family, which was really fun, but it made it almost impossible to get work done. And in the first week of overlapping action too! Alas, it shows in my work. I need to learn to plan work better. It's really easy to fit it into my schedule when I'm home, but near impossible when on the road.

The week after Minnesota I went to Siggraph and Disneyland. Siggraph was a total blast, and I got to meet some of the truly awesome people from AM. AM's party was ridiculous (and I'm not just talking about the price of drinks! $10 for a Jack and Coke, what!?) so much fun, so many cool students and mentors, total blast! I enjoyed myself thoroughly at the convention and learned some things in the process! Awesome.

Then, I was finally home and in the middle of a move! Ah! Unfortunately rent on my old, totally fabulous, apartment reached too too high of a price, so I've moved in with a few friends. Which, on the one hand, is nice, because it forces me to be social. But, on the other hand, it forces me to be social!

So, anyway, yes, what have I been doing AM. Much much, I assure you. I think I will skip a viewing of my pendulum for now, as I am rather anxious to do some clean up on it as soon as I get the time.

So, yes, I believe the next thing was my Tailor hop, which reflects my fairly exhausted mood the week I working on him. (between siggraph and Disneyland how can I be expected to concentrate!?)

Then, the next week, we began work on our Vanilla walk and did a pose for "Physical Strength"

Which, again, still needs some revision.

And, here's my finished Vanilla walk (still need to work on the knees a bit, there's just not enough time in the week!)

And, my "concerned" pose

And, now, this last week! We did blocking for our character walks. I decided to do a sort of Jim Carry/Walking to the beat of a happy song walk. I think it looks better when you play zippity doo dah with it.

And lastly, my "exhausted" pose. Which, in retrospect, kind of looks like he's really full.

I fully expect both of these to need some revision, I was a little rushed. Thus the full look. Still waiting for my critique! Can't wait.

I seriously cannot believe class one will(effectively) be over at the end of this week! I can't believe I'm already on walks. It seem like yesterday I was freaking out because just installing Maya was intimidating! I've certainly come a ways!

So, yes, I will try to update soon. Sorry I fail at blogging!